About Us

At Show Me Home Delivery, Inc., we don’t try to be everything to everyone. We specialize in two services: Warehousing & Distribution and Final Mile Destination In Home Delivery.


If your looking for a warehousing and In Home Delivery service, you too have come to the correct place, we’re experts! We currently have warehouses located in four cities servicing most of the Midwest. Our current locations include Saint Louis, Kansas City, and Chicago. All three locations total over 250,000 square feet of warehouse space!


We can receive your product, inspect it, deluxe it, assemble it and deliver it with exemplary service to your customer. All of this with minimal dwell time. We offer service that spans a 100-250 mile radius of each distribution location on a WEEKLY basis. We can also store your inventory here and deliver it as your customers need it. If you need kitting services prior to delivery, we have that covered as well.


Some of the current merchandise we cross dock includes; High end furniture, mattresses, appliances, electronics, cabinets, exercise equipment, appliances & medical supplies.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Carrie Elizabeth Ballenger

President & Owner

Carrie joined SMHD in 2008 after spending 15 years in the staffing industry where she customized and developed outsourcing solutions for clients across all verticals and industries.  Her ability to create and thrive in an ever changing, fast paced environment and her proven success in the areas of customizing solutions that focus on gaining overall efficiencies, reducing costs and maximizing profits for clients made her a solid appointment to take over the leadership role for SMHD in 2010.  She is relationship driven, results oriented and known for delivering exemplary results to clients.

Carrie Elizabeth oversees and is active in all aspects of the company operations.

Keith Becker

Vice President, Operations & Development & Owner

Keith’s career in the home delivery business spans over 20 years from his beginning as a home delivery contractor.  Growing up in the business, and working his way up from being on a truck to owning the company allows Keith to have great insight to what our field staff experiences every day and what our customers need to be successful.

Keith is responsible for all aspects of our home delivery and cross dock operations for all locations and his extensive experience in the industry provides him with a unique understanding of the needs of our retailers, their customers and our contractors.

Dave Mathews

Regional Director, Chicago/Kansas City/Cincinnati; Manager Quality

Dave joined Show-Me Moving & Home Delivery over 14 years ago. He’s moved through the ranks as the company has grown and has been an integral part of the success we’ve experienced.

Dave started as a delivery driver, managed an on-site location, managed one of our warehouses, was promoted to GM over St. Louis and recently has taken on the responsibility of overseeing the Chicago, Kansas City, and Cincinnati markets as well as assuring the quality of all of our programs.  Dave’s ability to solve any challenge that comes his way makes him an exceptional leader for SMHD.  His ability to adapt and be flexible to our retail partner’s ever changing needs makes him a true asset to every account we service.

Greg Ehlers

Director, Client Relationships

Prior to joining our team in 2013, Greg spent 15 years in the corporate tax world selling and customizing service plans for companies of all shapes and sizes.  After climbing up the corporate ladder and being promoted more than five times, he decided to make a change.  Show-Me Home Delivery was fortunate enough to add him to our team and he has been a solutions oriented, think outside of the box member of our team since day one.  When a retail partner or customer challenge lands in his hands, we can all rest assured that all expectations will not only be met, but exceeded every time.

Steve Blazic

General Manager, Warehousing Services – Saint Louis

As the newest member of our leadership team, Steve brings experience at every level within every aspect of the warehousing and home delivery sector.  After more than 20 years working for a top notch furniture retailer handling all warehousing, delivery, driver & customer experience functions, Steve made a change and joined us in 2015.  With Steve leading every aspect of our warehousing and delivery piece of our business our team is constantly pushed to the next level… we will never be satisfied… we will always strive to be better than we were yesterday and we will never settle for being anything but the best in our markets.

Lisa Lockamy

GM – Kansas City

When Lisa joined us in 2014 as a customer service rep, we knew we were very fortunate to have found her!  Within six months, she was promoted more than once and now holds the position of General Manager, Kansas City.  Lisa’s leadership embodies our mission of being the delivery company that is known for Great Service and works hard to make sure our customers are receiving just that on a daily basis.

Dean Ballenger

Home Delivery Operations Manager – Chicago

Joining our team in 2010, Dean has worked his way up through the ranks of the company by starting at the bottom and holding a variety of jobs with us.  His experiences range from working on a truck making deliveries, conducting customer service survey calls to assure happy customers, managing single accounts, holding the position of white glove delivery lead and finally inventory control made him a solid choice to open our newest facility in Chicago.  Dean’s experiences have allowed him to see the operation at many different angles and his willingness to always jump in and do what it takes to assure a successful delivery and a happy customer makes him a huge asset to our team.